Brows are still the thing!

Eyebrows… Whether thick and bold or slender and sleek, eyebrows are still the feature to accent.

Bold Brow

The style, however worn must compliment face shape and be well finished to achieve the right look. For the perfect arch the models use M.A.C Brows are it!


Created in consultation with Damone Roberts who has tended to the faces of some of the worlds biggest stars… From Beyonce to Gywneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, and Channing Tatum to Robert Downey Junior. Getting the look is now within all our beauty reach.

Brows are it!



Pics taken by @streetstyleaustralia

The skin I dream in,

So watching the MBFW 2016 making mental notes for myself on this seasons styling tips from catwalk to catwalk. The one predominant feature coming off all the shows is a healthy glowing skin. A natural radiance in all the catwalks.. this is my lasting impression. Skin shimmering under the lights, a dazzling display of beauty from within the statement outfits from model to model.  2016-05-18__DSF3122

The look promotes a natural beauty and does away with over accenting. I went backstage to feel out, listen and learn from the make up professionals on how to achieve this look. So here is what I found out :)

The first point to note is how much all the models LOVE this look. The girls I spoke to all felt confident and yet still real. And they looked amazing!! In the excited blur I learned the make up artists were all using the M.A.C studio waterlight foundation. This is a new foundation from the M.A.C range. You don’t need a lot for good coverage but what it gives you is a natural looking finish. Thankfully it has a serum formula so it is light and easily applied. I was never one for powder like some 18th century courtier. A silky smooth base is much more comfortable for me.  Apparently the ingredients are antioxidant so, like a good cleansing routine, the serum will assist the skins own reparative and healthy chemistry. For me personally I dont like to mix too many scents, I want my perfume of choice to be the one note not a chorus from hair to moisturiser to foundation to perfume. It gets confusing.  So I like that this foundation is fragrance free.


For MBFW this year personally I love that, with this technique paired with resort wear, we are being shown that we can achieve the healthy glow of summer even in days when we don’t get sun kissed. It enhances a natural beauty and our skin can look flawless with just the lightest of applications.    One last thing… as trends come and go I have to say I love that this season we are moving away from a painted on aesthetic and image of beauty. Instead we are allowing for the natural and diverse to come through.  2016-05-18__DSF3294


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Write up: By me Lindy