Singapore Tour!

Singapore – tips for an awesome tour.

Holidaying with kids… 3 of them to be precise.. Well that can be a stressful and a very expensive experience! Only to leave you coming home and wanting a kid free weekend to recover. As I live on a holiday island, choosing where to go on holiday can be frustrating. It’s very hard to beat Bali for a child friendly holiday destination. But I think I finally have! Instead of another tropical island (bore) we decided to do a city escape with a tropical climate. Singapore has all of this not to mention a diverse range of cultures to experience. The island is like a children’s playground and so safe I don’t need to worry about a thing… No sitting in traffic jams for hours as there is NO traffic and the public transport is so easy! Below are a list of my top ten tips for if you go with your family!

Top ten tips.

1/ Orchard Road shopping.
Singapore has pretty much the best shopping of anywhere I have ever been. You won’t be alone if you love to shop. The shopping centres are thriving with people (to look at) and are all perfectly air conditioned. Each shopping centre seems to cater for a different wallet. And of all the centres the whole of orchard road has just about everything you could ever want.

2/ MBS
The Marina Bay Sands. There are pools and there is the pool at the marina bay sands. It stands out as one of the most memorising pools in the world. If laying by the pool is your thing then this is a place you have to stay at. If you are not staying then a drink on the roof top is still worth doing to soak up that incredible view.

3/ ArtScience Museum
This was an unexpected hit with the kids. I think they were reluctant to go, ‘museums are boring!’ Well I can tell you that they loved it. The exhibition was incredible. The kids got fully involved. It was wonderful to see. At one point the kids all made drawings, which were scanned and then came to life as animation on the floor and walls of the museum. But everyones favourite bit was the room of diamonds it was so moving.

4/ The old town Singapore
Having been dazzled by the new it is always interesting to contrast against the old. Especially in a place like Singapore where the history comes in from all the different people who moved here from foreign ports. Chinese, English, Malay, European, Australian all have influence everywhere, making the home wares and antique shops so rich in diversity.

5/Restaurants – Bread Street Kitchen
Good food always been a love of mine. And dining well in a restaurant that’s buzzing with excitement is always a treat. And this restaurant certainly is worth the visit. But don’t stop there go to all the different markets and restaurants in the food courts and find yourself eating food from all over the world.

for kids it is easy to find high energy, maximum cost, high chance of meltdown activities to do that all the kids enjoy. But the impact from them can be exhausting tears before bedtime and several naps. But this is a low key activity that is low cost, low maintenance and all the kids enjoyed it with energy levels still in tact. A cruise along the bay under the impressive Singapore skyline while the MBS delivered its laser light show was truly an entertainment for all of us.

7/Breakfast with the Orang-utans.
This was maybe my favourite part. The orang-utan were hilarious and the kids were thrilled sitting so close. Obviously kids were taking the compulsory selfies. Tip get a seat for breakfast right next to the barrier so YOU can watch them eat while THEY watch you eat!! Hilarious.

8/Universal Studios Singapore.
Action packed day out. Ok this is exhausting for everyone but the kids will love it. They will charge around excitedly deciding where to go next. On the rides they will scream and the rest of the time they will laugh…they will cry… then they will pass out..and you will carry them home.

9/Gardens by the Bay ‘Garden Rhapsody – Garden Waltz
The botanical gardens and the light show. Lay down let the lights and music carry you away. My son loved this the best out of the whole trip. Go and see why. It is super relaxing so time it at the end of a few days of activities.

10/ Hanging in the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa’s pool
My Kids love jumping in and out of the pool and splashing around. They could play there all day. They just love it. Having mum there too joining in on the fun is what holidays are all about. So slip into your best mermaid outfit and get flipper-ing.

Anyway here is some pics of the family tour from my album. And if you need help planning your own trip head to this website and start planning!














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