Milk by Lindy Klim


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It’s so important to be able do things that leave us feeling good, and it’s those little moments you take for yourself that can be so helpful in getting you through busy or stressful periods at work or in your home life. In reality I know how hard it can be to find time to dedicate to yourself – spending hours or money on spa treatments is just not an option for everyone. Being aware of this was a major player in my vision for milk, especially in creating a range of skincare designed specifically for women.

Thinking of what a typical day involves in the time-poor life of a modern woman, I wanted to develop a line of products that were accessible to everyone (they can be conveniently picked up at the grocery store with your weekly shop), and could be a daily dose of well-deserved indulgence. For me, the focus on natural ingredients was such a key factor – in the same way that it is so important to be conscious of putting the right thing in our bodies, what we put on our skin (and absorb) deserves the same consideration. Fruit and green tea extracts, vitamin E, geranium oil, ylang ylang and turmeric are all among the super-powered ingredients that we’ve chosen to include to give your skin the best possible benefits.

From things to incorporate into your everyday routine like our face cleanser, ultra light moisturiser and body oil, to the more occasional treats like the rejuvenating face mask, everything in our women’s range has been carefully created to give you a naturally healthy glow, leaving you feel rejuvenated and satisfyingly cared for. Daily skincare is a moment to be savoured and enjoyed – it’s the ultimate justifiable ‘me time’, and there’s no greater thrill than knowing our milk range can be the thing that helps women to find that time they need.

Spring Health Clean


With spring on our doorstep, Rocco my son has a particularly hard time with the arrival of nasty pollen, which brings on a number of allergies and that dreaded nasal drip that keeps the poor little thing up all night.

To try and combat the nasties as well as warding off the common cold, we visit Salts of the Earth, which dramatically improves Rocco’s breathing as well as dry skin. The childrens’ rooms are fantastic for the little ones with plenty of activities to keep them occupied and a stunning fish tank, whereas the adult rooms are an oasis for me to relax and meditate away from the external noise of the outside world.

The best thing about Salts of the Earth rooms is its non-invasive nature which allows you to relax whilst enjoying the many benefits. My husband Michael, also uses the rooms to assist in the recovery from rigorous exercise. Michael makes the most of the natural anti inflammatory effect of salt, which allows him to bounce back quickly and be ready to be live his active life for the rest of the week.

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