20160505_SDP_0121 So I am going on a rant. It’s one of the things I do now. In fact I am getting quite good at them. It’s on my favourite subject “shopping.” HAHA.. And yes it is my specialist subject. But here goes…So listen up mums of Australia we are finally moving out the dark ages and deciding to actually enjoy our lives. Our choice used to be to lose a day of the week to an eternity spent trawling around for nappies and gluten free anti cellulite bio yoghurt in your local mart. With lighting from hells own nightclub and a DJ who cut the tinned instrumental to shout out clean ups on isle 3… the experience was never fun.20160505_SDP_0275


Well now and finally we have been offered an experience that is much less painful in fact I would even say even enjoyable!!! The new Eastland actually didn’t make me want to eat my own soul. You know what I actually liked doing the weekly shop. Soon after I arrived, the restaurants, bars and boutique shops actually tricked me into enjoying what used to be dreaded. There was space and room to move without stress and park up a pram with picking up a parking ticket.




I ran into a girlfriend so we chatted our way through a coffee while her kids enjoyed the awesome playground area. Next time when I go, I will arrive past the 5 o’clock Lindy watershed so I can try out one of those bars! So well done mums of Australia, I am putting the credit for this one on us. Well it certainly feels like that anyway. Like it was made for us, designed with us in mind.. hell I wouldn’t be surprised if we built it ourselves while we doing other things. 20160505_SDP_0200

Oh one last thing if you did fancy spending a bit of money on yourself there is some amazing fashion retailers there. So many to choose from, with high fashion to affordable fashion all to tempt myself with. Lindy



I am wearing Camilla & Marc, Dolce Firme shoes

All pics Sam D’agnostino (@sdp_media)