With spring on our doorstep, Rocco my son has a particularly hard time with the arrival of nasty pollen, which brings on a number of allergies and that dreaded nasal drip that keeps the poor little thing up all night.

To try and combat the nasties as well as warding off the common cold, we visit Salts of the Earth, which dramatically improves Rocco’s breathing as well as dry skin. The childrens’ rooms are fantastic for the little ones with plenty of activities to keep them occupied and a stunning fish tank, whereas the adult rooms are an oasis for me to relax and meditate away from the external noise of the outside world.

The best thing about Salts of the Earth rooms is its non-invasive nature which allows you to relax whilst enjoying the many benefits. My husband Michael, also uses the rooms to assist in the recovery from rigorous exercise. Michael makes the most of the natural anti inflammatory effect of salt, which allows him to bounce back quickly and be ready to be live his active life for the rest of the week.

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