Singapore through the eyes of three crazy kids

I thought I would give you an inside guide to what my three terrors thought of our recent trip to Singapore. It is always quite funny to get a chid perspective on things!

What was your best moment?
I loved laying down at looking at the light show. I also loved the go cart luge and the skyline ride afterwards. I was scared at first about the heights but then felt proud of myself for doing it.
And Suhil I liked him.
(our tour guide) oh and I liked the cable car from Mount Faber.


(Light show at Garden Rhapsody at Gardens By The Bay)


Funniest thing that happened?
The funniest part was the mermaid teaching mummy. And the toe fish eating Stella and Rocco feet.


Favourite restaurant and why?
At the hotel there was a chocolate fountain and loads of M&M you could go up as many times as you want. Where we sat there were peacocks walking around. We saw a baby one.

What was the hotel like?
It was so much fun we had three rooms and there was a tv in every room. We bounced on the beds.

Favourite activity?
I loved the Art science Museum. It was just so cool. I want to go again. The best bit was the room of light and diamonds. I also loved seeing my drawings come to life on the floor and walls.

Something you have not seen before ?
Frankie & Rocco
Easy that was eating breakfast with the Orang-utans. We got to see them up close and hold a snake. The giraffe tried to lick mummy with its long tongue.


FullSizeRender2Did you enjoy spending time with the family?
Rocco :
Hard to be with my sisters all the time. I wish I had brothers. Maybe Suhil (our tour guide) can be part of our family.